Why! would you not want to help these spectacular natural wonders of our world by saving and protecting their habitats?



Peacock (India)


Crowned Crane (Africa)


Secretary Bird (Africa)


Sulphur Crested Cockatoo (Australia)


Major Mitchell Cockatoo (Australia)



Toucan (Central & South America)


Golden Pheasant (China)


Hummingbird (Central & South America)


Hoopoe (India)


Crowned Pigeon (New Guinea)


Bee Eater (Africa)


Bird of Paradise (New Guinea)


Curacao (South America)


Indian Kingfisher (India)


Temnick's Tragopan (Nepal)


Emperor Penguin (Antarctica)


With melting ice caps due to global warming the Emperor Penguine population is in decline as the Penguins nest on these ice caps. Furthermore it has been discovered that the krill that this majestic species feeds on is also diminishing because of increased sea teperatures.




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