Coral Reefs & Fish


It has been proven - global warming is without a doubt killing our coral reefs. Without coral reefs to provide protection for our marine creatures they will all die eaten by bigger fish. Eventually without smaller fish to eat the bigger fish will die and without bigger fish in our oceans, island populations will perish. Governments need to wake up and understand the ramifications of not acting to stop global warming.

The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest living thing on the planet, it injects $6.4 billion dollars into the Australian economy and employs 64,000 people. What an enormous loss to Australia and the world if it dies!!!



Blue Lined Triggerfish


Desjardini Sailfish Tang



Yellow Boxfish


Ornate Boxfish


Mandarin Fish


Clown Triggerfish


Picasso Triggerfish


Blue Tang


Copperband Butterflyfish


Achillies Tang


Yellow Tangfish


Orange Clown Fish



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