When I think about the death, the destruction, the pollution, the apathy of people and politicians I am overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness and sadness because we are losing this amazing planet of ours day by day.

It can be saved, but we must act now!!!

Why are billions of dollars being spent on space exploration and colonization of the universe when we can't even look after our own planet, I am perplexed and bewildered?

Our politicians wont even agree to control gas emissions which are choking us. The automobile is killing us with its pollution.

Solar energy must be harnessed. New methods of vehicle propulsion must be used - WE MUST ACT NOW!

The sceptics are saying present global warming is a normal phase the earth is going through - but what if it's not???? The sceptics of this world would rather risk losing the world, it's people and it's wildlife. How can any intelligent person think it is a good idea to take that chance??? They may be right, but what if they are not? There is no second chance, there is no instant replay - the world as you know it is gone.

If global warming is real here is the outcome:

All ice melts - millions of homes will be inundated due to rising sea levels. Countries and cities will be lost. Millions of families will lose their homes, their investments. Billions of dollars will be spent by governments and councils trying to save people and property.

Millions of people will die - the inhabitants of towns and cities around the world rely on the yearly ice and snow melt on mountains for their drinking water. Without this they are doomed.

Millions of people in other world locations rely on fish as their main food source. Without coral reefs, the small fish living and hiding in these reefs will disappear and eventually the bigger fish without small fish to eat will disappear also.

I understand the general population does not want to think about this, they have enough trouble making ends meet day to day but this is your childs future life you MUST think about. If everyone just ignores this possible catastrophe and leaves it up to governments, nothing will change.






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